Chemical Pregnancy??

What is a chemical pregnancy?

A chemical pregnancy is an early pregnancy loss that occurs shortly after implantation. Chemical pregnancies may account for 50 to 75 percent of all miscarriages.

Chemical pregnancies take place before ultrasounds can detect a fetus, but not too early for a pregnancy test to detect levels of hCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin. This is a pregnancy hormone the embryo creates after implantation. Your doctor can confirm a chemical pregnancy by testing your blood for it.

A chemical pregnancy can have no symptoms. Some women have an early miscarriage without realizing they were pregnant. For women who do have symptoms, these may include menstrual-like stomach cramping and vaginal bleeding within days of getting a positive pregnancy result.

Which is exactly what happened in our case. I got a positive bhcg of 63 at my first blood test, at my second blood test it doubled well. Then shortly after I started my bleeding, I had another blood test & the bhcg still doubled which is strange. But I believe shortly after it started to decrease.

God woke me up the following Sunday and I didn’t feel pregnant anymore. I don’t know if I had a dream or what, but when I woke I did not feel pregnant. I didn’t wake my wife and just went to lay on the couch. Later that morning I told Judz that I no longer felt pregnant & she just held me and asked why would I feel that way and tried to assure me that we still are pregnant.

Later that day I went out shopping with a friend and baught alil more pregnancy dresses & one pants. I didn’t want to loose my faith although something made me feel un easy when I baught the clothes. I also baught another pregnancy test that I wanted to take when I got home. Later that evening I did the pregnancy test and it came up negative. Judz was baffled I guess and I was just quite. We prayed & informed my doctor, asking him if we need to go for another blood test or if he can do an ultrasound.

Since it was quite late that we text we didn’t have a response yet the next morning, but decided to go for the blood test anyway. While at pathcare the doctor replied and said yes blood test first and then u/s. Later that day the results came back and my bhcg levels has dropped to 10. Dr T explained that it’s a bio chemical pregnancy & was pretty sad for our part. I guess it wasn’t necessary for the scan cause he never scheduled one.

I try not to ask why, I try to go on & trust that its never about our plan but the Lords. I know his timing is perfect although I wanted it to be this time, now! Our time!

Next time I check in, I’ll let you know where we are emotionally.


The CrazyBeautifuls ¥


BHCG results

What is Beta hcg? It’s The quantitative human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) blood test measures the level of hCG hormone present in a sample of your blood. HCG is a hormone that is produced during pregnancy. … betahCG blood test.

First bhcg results – 20 Nov 17 💛 63

Second bhcg results – 22 Nov 17 🧡 132

Third bhcg results – 28 Nov 17 ❤️ 342

Fourth bhcg results – 04 Dec 17 💔 10

= Chemical Pregnancy ¥

I’ll share more on a chemical pregnancy & where we are right now. But please excuse me while I take sometime with my heart ¥


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Rollercoaster 🎢 of emotions

I thought when going through icsi/ivf/iui is the worst time when going through the ups and downs, they joys and worries of this journey. Boy was I wrong. Get pregnant and see how you go through a million emotions in one day.

We had our second blood test on 22 Nov 17 and the numbers have doubled well. Dr Thabo said we can go ahead and schedule an appointment with our choice of Gynecologist. Our first choice was Dr F Patel at Melomed Private Hospital, but I could only get an appointment for April 2018. The other option at Melomed was Dr Jacobs who only had an appointment for us Feb 2018. But we did not want to wait that long to be seen by a O/G.

So we went with Dr Sibritz at Medi City Cape Gate. Which is actually my wife’s first choice because I had my operation at M/City Cape Gate & mostly cause it’s very close to us. I’m happy cause I heard he has great bedside manners 😀

We also had an emergency third blood test this morning. Yesterday I started bleeding, which felt like a period only worst. It felt like the flood gates has been open, with a few blood clots coming out. Which took us through those a million emotions. Dr Thabo said we should go for another blood test, which we did. Last night i took a pregnancy test which showed I’m still very much pregnant, but of coz we were waiting on the blood test to confirm. Which it did 😍 I’m still very much pregnant and the numbers continue to double. The bleeding was very light to medium today and we won’t know what caused it. But I’ve heard and read many stories of women whom have had their period in the first trimester and some the whole nine months.

I must say my wife was amazing yesterday. While also being stressed she kept me calm and kept talking positively. I kinda prepared myself for the worst even though I had faith. And then I just had this calmness and I left it with God.

These babies or baby will always have me worried everyday, but I’m so blessed and excited that they are continuing to grow and we can’t wait for our first appointment 08 Jan 2018.

Chow guys!


The CrazyBeautifuls ¥

Big fat positive

I was wondering what should I make the heading to leave you guys in suspense, but I’m to excited to hide it 😀

Official test day was yesterday 20.11.17 & we got a big fat positive. We slept alittle later then usual & went to pathcare at 8h. I’d say we were pretty nervous but I tried not to show it. The test went quick, with alittle sting when the needle came out. Unlike Judz, I am pretty easy with needles but that damn speculum I hate to the core.

As the day went on, I tried to keep busy and my mind occupied. It’s weird coz in my heart I already knew it would be positive because that is what God has promised me, yet I still felt alittle fearful. Judz was pretty much a together wreck, she said every time her phone rang or made a beep her heart stopped for a few seconds.

Judz were the first to know we are pregnant. I get butterflies saying ‘we are pregnant’. She then called me, while standing in my office with other people there, my lips started trembling as I wanted to smile & cry at the same time. It’s the most amazing feeling knowing there are one or two beings inside of u, that’s about to be babies.

We always knew Judz would be the first to know, since she was Dr Thabo’s first patient between the two of us (because egg retrieval comes before transfer) he took her number to do the communication. She therefore agreed, when we get to gender reveal, I will be the one to find out first & then I have two days to do a gender reveal to her.

I also bought two clear blue pregnancy test, one Plus & one Digital. I used the Plus this morning & got a very clear blue line indicating a + sign. Tomorrow we need to go for another blood test & then I will be using the digital just to see how many weeks we are.

After tomorrow’s test we will be seeing Dr Thabo soon for the last time. Which kinda makes me sad, but let’s not get into that right now. The biggest task for us right now is finding a good gynecologist. Any suggestions around Cape Town?

My heart is overwhelmed because for this Child / ren we have prayed & God granted the desires of our hearts.

Keep following our journey as the best is yet to come.


The CrazyBeautifuls ¥

Half way & a Birthday

Half way through the ten days wait 😀 And I think I am doing surprisingly better then Juds on this wait. I am positive something is happening inside my womb everyday, not all day everyday, but definitely everyday.

I googled for subtle signs of implantation after embryo transfer & are convinced I am experiencing some of them. Which is most likely not even true. (Women ai) 😀

I wanted to do a post today because it’s also my wife’s 28 Birthday today. And I’d like to believe these two or three 😛 will be her biggest gift.

Chow guys, checking in again in 5days.

P.s how cute are these milestone cards?


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Transfer Day 

I have no idea how pregnant women feel, I can just imagine because I am already in awe and overwhelmed in the best way.

I learned two new things about myself today. 1. I can actually hold a piepie for more then an hour. 2. I can piepie alittle and hold back the rest. Too Much Info I know…

Our appointment was for 09:30 and we arrived with an already very full bladder at 09:00. Dr Thabo was running more then 30mins late, so that was another half an hour. He then came to get us and another group of people. A group of four people. When we got down at the lab, Dr Thabo asked if I can go piepie alittle and drink more water again, so that he can do them first. I did not mind at all, because that piepie was pushing. 

I had no idea I could do that, but I did. While we were waiting & me filling up my bladder again, I wondered about these four people. One of the ladies went in for egg retrieval while the two gentlemen & lady waited for her. I don’t know if she was donating her eggs for the other couple, but that’s how it seemed. Just watching them I released we all have a story. A beautiful story. 

When it was our turn, we were told all 3 fertilized eggs was good grades. The embryologist consulted with us to decide how many we want to transfer. She advised that since Judz are 27 (turning 28 in 5days) her eggs are very young and transferring 3 has a high risk of triplets. We were happy with transferring two since that has been are plan from the start.

I must say the transfer for me hurt alil. Not the transfer itself but the inserting of the speculum. It was alota pressure and it hurt for the first part, for a long part. I quickly started to relax while Judy was sweet talking me. And then I heard the Dr say, “bulls eye”. The embryologist showed us on the Sonar the two cute lil white spots & I teared up alil.

When all was said & done I hugged Dr Thabo because I was so grateful. For a moment I didn’t wanna stop hugging. So now we pray these two embies stay warm and cozy and stick it out & in the next 10days we do our first blood test.

John 20:27


The CrazyBeautifuls ¥

Egg Retrieval 

So this happened on Sunday 05 Nov, not literally this but you know what I mean😀

Our appointment was at 09:00 the morning. When we arrived at the fertility clinic the hallways was quiet as a mouse. Another lady was waiting on Dr Hanekom when we arrived. I was wondering why she was alone and felt alittle sad for her, but then I thought maybe  her husband or wife is working, or maybe she choose to do this alone- which is amazing & more power to her. 

Dr HAnekom was finishing up with a patient who just had a scan & the lady waiting also just had a scan. The lady went inside & before he started with her he came out to meet us. Which was so special and immediately made us feel at ease. 

Judz was super anxious about the sedation injection and the effect it had on her the last time. When Dr Hanekom finished with the lady he locked up and walked us down to the lab where the retrieval takes place. Dr Thabo luckily informed him about the previous reaction Judz had & prescribed a lower dose. Dr Hanekom asked her a few questions about what happened and when exactly it happened. I don’t think he lowered the dose, but he gave her two injections. Two different sedation meds. The one really burned, Judz felt like screaming, yet it did the trick. She had no reaction & everthing went well.

I was again not allowed inside. While also sitting outside anxiously praying that everything will go well, I felt God calm me immediately. I literally forgot to worry, put on my worship music & read Your Pregnancy magazine. (It’s never too early) lol

Needless to say, all 7 eggs were retrieved, Of which 6 was matured but only 3 fertilized. Judz is alittle disappointed that only 3 fertilized but we know how this goes, there is no guarantee that all will fertilize. 

So we are a go for embryo transfer on Friday 10 Nov – 09:30 😍😇🙏

Keep sending baby dust & prayers.


The CrazyBeautifuls ¥

Trigger Shot 

 In an hour we will be pulling the trigger. 

This afternoon I got emotionally excited. Literally crying of excitement. The closer it gets to 22:00 I am becoming a little anxious. I will be giving the shot to Judz & I am a little nervous. I don’t wanna get it wrong or I don’t wanna hurt her. I gave her the option to go to M.Kem who has 24hour clinic open. But she surprisingly said no babe you can give it. 

About 36 hours prior to egg retrieval, a “trigger” shot should be given. This trigger shot comprises of Choriogonadotropin Alfa which upon being injected provokes a surge in the release of pituitary gland-derived, LH) is initiated.

The effect of the “trigger shot” is to send eggs into a reproductive division known as meiosis where the objective end point is a decrease in the number of chromosomes in the egg from 46 to 23 (half) prior to ovulation or egg retrieval. In the process, approximately half of the chromosomes are expelled from the egg nucleus in a membranous envelopment. This so called first polar body comes to lie immediately under the envelopment of the egg (the zona pellucida) in a region known as the perivitelline space where it can be observed microscopically once the cells surrounding the egg are removed microsurgically (or erode away on their own).

Egg retrieval will be on Sunday morning at 09:00. Looking forward to meeting Dr HAnekom who will be doing the retrieval.

Praying everything goes great & that Judz will not have a reaction to the sedation meds again.

Faith it till you make it.


The CrazyBeautifuls ¥

Hopeful for Nov 

Although Nov just started yesterday, this has been a blessed week & we are pretty hopeful that this will be a good Nov.

Sunday Judz had her 2nd injections, the sister who administered the shot, asked us did we bless the Menopur yet? Judz said no and she said it’s fine I will bless it. Which she did. What makes this journey worthwhile and so much more special is when you meet people like this.

And then Judz had her last shot on Tuesday, when she forgot the doctors prescription at home. Ofcoz they wouldn’t administer the shot without it, because lawfully they may not. While I am frantically driving home to send her a pic of the prescription, this same beautiful sister of Sunday says she will give her the shot without the prescription since the others didn’t want to. 🙏 

Yesterday was 2nd scan for Judz & my first one. Yip I still hated it. But we did great, over achievers. My lining was already 8mm & it should be at least 7mm. Judz follicles were growing faster then the doctor inticipated, which fast tracked us. Judz have another scan tomorrow & if it’s a go, we will be doing egg retrieval on Sunday 😀

A little stab in the finances, a specialist will be doing the retrieval and since it’s over the weekend we will be paying more then double. But all this will be worth it, once we have our little babies in our arms.

This is also my wife’s birthday month and if I could give her one gift, it would be the gift of life ¥


The CrazyBeautifuls 

And so the journey started again 

Laying here with a little anxiously excited heart. 

Me and Judz met with Dr Thabo today at 11:30. Speaking of Dr Thabo can I just tell you how handsomely sexy he looked today in his navy blue tailored suite. He looked so rested and calm. After we greeted and 10seconds in, he was cracking jokes like the charmer he is.

As expected this time, after the quick catching up we went straight for Judz Sonar. Checked her left and right ovaries, which was good. This time I took pictures, the first time I guess I was to nervous and didn’t ask if I can take pictures. 

No scan for me, my first scan is on 01 Nov on Judz second scan. I however had to start with my meds today. We were fortunate that I still had almost most of my Estro-Pause left and Judz still had her Ovitrelle still in the fridge, so we just had to buy her other meds. Which left our bill with half the price of last. I will remember to make a post sometime about the cost of the ICSI process for anyone that also wishes to go through this process. 

Judz only start with her meds tomorrow, which means first injections time. Guys I promise you, this is a lotta fun with this big little baby. 

One of my close friends, Elmarie told me the first time we went through this process to buy something for the babies in faith. So I baught the cutest little pink and blue socks (even though I hate pink and blue on babies). After work I decided to buy something again in faith, so I baught the most adorable onesies for baby A and baby B and surprise Judz with it. The boy one reads Boys Will Be Boys & the girly one reads Mom You Got This 💖

Oh and I ordered a Pineapple slicer & cutter on Wish a few months ago. It’s scheduled to be delivered 23 November, but me being me couldn’t wait after today so I baught one. (Let me know if anyone wants the Wish one, I’ll give it away) 

Back to our journey, Judz injections are scheduled for tomorrow evening, Sunday and again Tuesday. And like last we will be going to the clinic for these injections because she is too scared I will hurt her lol like the nurses don’t hurt her 😀

Next appoint 01 Nov at 12:30 ¥

Keep well guys

The CrazyBeautifuls ¥